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#855 Costumes not available in the Store...

Posted by AngelicaSynn on 09 July 2015 - 05:50 AM

I am something of an amateur artist, so if the costume I want for my character isn't available in my store, either due to level being too low, or the non-existence of that particular costume... I make one of my own...  


yfjtc71.png tcIR8tg.png


BuhVzZo.png nIgu31U.png


See what I mean?

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#5499 Diamond spending confirmation button

Posted by jasmine45 on 27 April 2016 - 20:40 PM

I suggest adding an extra step before spending diamonds - like an "Are you sure?" pop-up question.  I have seen this option before in games like the Tapped Out.  I have spent  diamonds on accident just because of an errant touch to my phone's screen.  


While we're on the subject, can you refund the 99 diamonds I mistakenly pushed yesterday?  This was in reference to a party extension.  Also, 99 diamonds to extend a party is way too much.

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Posted by FunkBunny on 24 February 2016 - 12:20 PM

Hey all... 


Here are some game tips if you want a strong character!  (heart)  (grin)


0. Try to use ALL your Energy every day! You can refill your Energy 4 times each day for a total of 300 Energy. Try to use it all every day for fast improvement. 
(Do NOT use Diamonds to refill Energy!)
1. Use at least the 25% Boosters, and have them always active! 
(Save your Diamonds for 50% Mission and Skill boosters, but NEVER use Diamonds on a Work booster)
2. Skill points are the most important thing in this game! This is not a game of who has the highest level, but this is a game of who has the most Skill Points! Every day when you finish using your Energy, spend the rest of your Notes on Skill Points.
(You shouldn't use all your Notes on Items or Skill Points before you have bought all your daily Energy refills, otherwise you might run out of Notes to buy more Energy, especially at low levels when you don't get that many Notes from Missions yet.)
3. Trick for HARD (fights) missions: If all your basic stats are even, ungear and only have missiles active. If you have a piece of gear that only raises stamina, wear that, but nothing else! You will win 99% of the time. Same is with boss fights during parties... This only works if basic stats are equal!
(This is yet to be tested... lol)
4. I'd suggest making charisma OR finesse your priority, stamina is less important and strength is the least important. 
4.a. To win duels it is also important to have good refinements. Try to always have refined items equipped. And missiles, because they increase your damage drastically. 
5. Just after you level up, collect your work money. This will reset work pay to the current level you are.
6. Save all the Diamonds you get for future use! The higher level you get, the harder it will be to get free Diamonds from the game!
Spend your Diamonds only on Mission and Skill boosters and missiles (cost 9 diamonds).
Do NOT use Diamonds to:
-Finish Missions,
- Buy Hunting Instinct,
-Sewing Machine & Washing Machine, 
-To refresh Shop,
-To refresh Missions. 
If you follow these tips, your level and your Items change so often, that it's a complete waste of Diamonds to do any of those things. Unless you can buy Diamonds with real money, choose carefully what you use them on!
8. Hunting Instinct can be replaced. You can calculate that stuff in your head too, or with a calculator if you are feeling lazy. 
(Example: A Mission gives you 12,600 notes and 948 EXP and costs 6 Energies. So you divide the rewards by 6. This means that you get 2100 notes and 158 for 1 Energy. Find the one that gives you the most!)
9. If you see a Convention, participate it as many times as you can! This will not reduce your daily Energy, and you will earn a Rare or Epic Item, Experience and Notes when the convention is finished. The more times you participate, the better the reward!
10. Add all your Studio members to your friendlist so you can ask and send Batteries to each other! Batteries will split the waiting time in a Mission in half. You can use 4 Batteries each day. Save them for the longest Missions, or for the Convention to better your rank!
(Battery menu can be found on Mission tab by clicking the Remote Control icon. You can add another player on your friendlist via a player's profile.)
11. How can you earn diamonds IN GAME...
(This will stay a secret of Wet Panties Studio for now...)
Wish you all good luck, and hope these helped! Feel free to share your game tips with us and give your thoughts on these! (grin)  (heart)
MymvfcM.pngWet Panties. For all your fantasies...  ;)

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#4428 Hot Swap - Quick Set Change

Posted by BaritoBoy on 19 February 2016 - 17:10 PM

The number of times I am changing items around for various missions is quite high.

It would be faster, simpler and easier to be able to assign a set of equipment to a hot swap button.

That way, by clicking the button Set1, all the items of equipment you have assigned to set one are able to be changed in one button click, instead of 8 drag and drops.

The number of hot-swap sets available could unlock at various levels or with diamonds.


The drain on the server would be reduced by this as well i would imagine.

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#3567 Patch notes 2015-12-15

Posted by Regnor on 15 December 2015 - 07:02 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2015-12-15):
• Until the 26th January 2016 the refill for film energy only costs 5 instead of 9 diamonds!


New Features
• 210 new successes have been added to the game


Your Style
• From now on, you find the customization options for tatoos, hairstyles and your look in the "Your Style" menu on the character screen "Your Star"
• It is now possible to hide your clothes in addition to the head wear. The options for this need to be unlocked once. After that, they are available permanently.
• If the chestpiece or the pants are hidden, the underwear will be displayed instead of the actual item on the respective slot. (On a male character, this applies to the pants only)
• In the new options for underwear, you can choose the underwear for your star. The new underwear will be displayed if you either don't have an item equipped on the respective slot, or if you have the option for hiding items activated on this slot.
• In the underwear option menu for female stars, an option for wearing "no bra" is available in the section "Bra".
Due to youth protection policies, this option is not available for the slip. Also, a bra will always be shown on facebook, even if no bra is selected. This is due to the terms of service of facebook. All film covers will also always be displayed with a bra on facebook.


• Several small bugfixes have been applied.
• It was possible, that the diamond price of the option to look for "New enemies" wasn't displayed properly. This issue has been fixed.


Films & Big Bang Awards
• If the time for a film shoot ran out, it can now be extended.
• If a film, which has been shot without a studio, is shown in the voting, the studio information is no longer displayed.


• An error occured, if items were sold directly from the bank screen. This issue has been fixed.


The whole Big Bang Empire and Playata team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Stay sexy during the turn of the year and enjoy your time!


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#5017 A Note From Your Moderating Team

Posted by Becky Lynch on 14 March 2016 - 23:52 PM

Hello to you all! Thanks for being a part of this forum and making it so much fun to moderate. I think I can speak for all the moderators and say that we greatly appreciate each one of you and the contribution you make to this community. :)   Our purpose is to answer questions to the best of our ability and keep the forum as organized as possible so that new members can find the help they need when coming to the forum. We also try and contribute to the conversation and help keep our community thriving. 



I know there are times that you may not like a response that you receive from one of us but I ask that you speak to us with the same level of respect that we speak to you with. I have noticed lately there are times that a moderator has responded to something and someone has either responded in a disrespectful way or quoted that moderator and negatively commented about the moderator's statement. It is fine to disagree but please do so respectfully. We are far from perfect. Each of us are players and people just like you and we do this because we love the game and this community. So going forward please speak to us with the same level of respect that we give to you.



Thanks so much,

The Moderating Team

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#4168 Garage Interview Sajid #11

Posted by Cheyenne on 08 February 2016 - 15:05 PM

Good day, everyone! My name is CocaSniff and I’ll be your journalist for this month.
Welcome to our Garage Interview. Here we meet some of the most unexpected pornstars in our virtual world. This month, we have a pleasure to talk to Sajid.


1. Hi! How are you? Please tell us your username, and server(s) you play on. Tell us what motivated you to choose the name and the server(s) for your star?
Hey, I am doing good and hoping the same same for you 
Username: Sajid
Server: UK2
The name itself motivated me to choose my nick and the reason i choose uk2 server because it was a new server when compared to other server (s) and a less competition as old servers player are higher in levels.
2. Tell us about yourself. How was your life before becoming a pornstar?
Holla am sajid, i’m an extrovert and a gamer freak, i love to explore new games and learn many new things from the game and interacting with people and making friendship, Most of the time i spend is in playing games.
But as soon as i found Big Bang Empire i uninstalled many crappy games from phone and now i have a very few games including BBE and i spend most of my time in playing BBE
Before becoming a pornstar my life wasn’t too much interesting and i used to get really bored don’t know what i’m good at and i always feel that i’m missing something in my life.
Then i found this wonderful game where i’m an esteemed pornstar 
3. How did you start playing Big Bang Empire? Did you hear about the game from your friends, or maybe an advertisement?
Nope it was a random one while i was surfing on internet for apk files and i got it from there 
4. Do you remember your first days as a "noob" in Big Bang Empire? Tell us something!
I don’t say that i was a noob but any game i play The first thing i do is get know what the game is really for and yes i took me a week to understand about the game, how to make a movies and what are the stats are really used for and also about equipments and its refinements 
5. What do you like the most in the game? The whole game?
The things i liked the most in game are
1: Sex shop i.e Equipments for your avatar
2: Duels with other players
3: Film studio and
6. When you log in the game, what do you do first?
The first thing i do when i log in the game is collect money from work
and then check out for new items in sex shop.
7. What are your favourite items?
I’d say every item in sex shop is my favorite item and the item i like the most in game is “Brand new plastic syringe with artificial blood” and refinements like ‘Porn star sticker”
8. Is there something you'd specifically like to achieve in the game?
Obviously to be a rank 1 player  and complete 100% success ratio
9. In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement so far in Big Bang Empire?
So far nothing when compared with other players in my studio and game but my greatest achievement is that am the only low level player to be in top 10 when compared to others 
10. Have you taken part in a convention? What's your best position in which to qualify?
I rarely take part in convention and i find it really tough and interesting but the rewards from it are really cool like the EXP, Items and energy you receive from it.
My best position was rank 4
11. Big Bang Empire creates friendships. Have you created any kind of bond with another player? Tell us who, and how.
Yeah i found a random player messaging me that can we chat and she was eager to know about me, my age, and where i'm from etc. i responded her in a good manner but i said her that the chatting system isn’t good here and can we chat in facebook or some other chatting app and she told she fine with facebook and then it went on and we are good friends now   
12. Is there any player you look up to - that you admire? If so, who and why?
“BONNIE”  well she is my studio leader and the way she handle her real life and game is really great and i say she is the reason that we are Rank 1 studio in UK2 Server 
She gave many good tips about game and welcomes new players and motivates them too
13. Name up to three players next to the following descriptions:
• Best players: Bonnie                                           
• Opponents you respect the most: I Respect Every Opponent in game
• Favourite forum members: KateTheSpanka
14. Describe Big Bang Empire in three words.
Awesomely Addictive Game  
I'm Lovin it, and I’m Wonderful PornStar
15. Is there any message you'd like to send the Big Bang Empire community?
Suggestion for BBE
1: Chat in game is not really good except the studio chat
2: There should be a world chat in game so that it would make the game more interesting and attracts more players and a private chat option, so that other players can communicate to you freely and quickly, thus it gives you an opportunity to know other players and not get bored 
3:The mission task, party mission and film studio like (Easy, Medium and Hard) i don't find it really work and it's really random to complete a mission not based on stats and its difficulty, so can you you make it more accurate ??
Thanks a lot for your time. I hope you will keep playing and enjoying the game. Best wishes from the team!

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#15323 Garage Interview #32: CaitlinCumgusher

Posted by CaptC on 08 December 2017 - 19:37 PM

My name is CaptC, this month's journalist! We are interviewing a relative newcomer to the game this month, CaitlinCumgusher!
1. Hi! How are you? Please tell us your username, and the servers you play on. Tell us - what motivated you to choose the name and server(s) for your star?
Hi everyone, this a monumental step in my career as I gain more fans and people starting to notice me, so it is a great pleasure to take some time from my busy schedule to do this interview today, my name is Caitlin Cumgusher, or just Cait for short, I am on the UK2 server, and chose this name as I guessed it sounded more porn star like than my actual name.
2. Tell us about yourself. How was your life before becoming a pornstar?
I was just a regular girl working hard in a office, everyday I would wander past shoe stores and dream of the day I could afford to just walk inside and buy every pair of heels there were, because as we all know shoes maketh the girl, so obviously a porn star career could fulfill that dream for me.
3. Any hobby outside of the film-industry you would want to tell us about?
Sshhhh.... I am trying to take over the world from above, actually one thing people here do not know about me is I start University soon to study Astrophysics. As a famous Russian Scientist in the early days of the space race said, "If you control space you can control the world"
4. Who's your favourite pornstar? (i.e. Clara Morgane, Katsuni, Evan Stone)
Oh gosh, that would be a admission that I have looked wouldn't it?, Could you imagine this sweet innocent girl doing something like that?..... but... well, let's just say Aaliyah Love, she empowers every girl in the industry, to shoot a film with her would be a dream come true.
5. How did you start playing Big Bang Empire? Did you hear about the game from your friends, or maybe an advertisement?
Sometimes between studying I would play simple flash games online, and this ad appeared for it, at first I thought it would just be a bit of fun, and has soon turned into a addiction.
6. When did you start to play Big Bang Empire?
I am still what people would call a newbie to the industry, I have been in this career for about 3 and a half months now.
7. Do you remember the day you started playing Big Bang Empire?
Not as much, as I was still trying to learn what to do, but the forums were a great help
8. Do you remember your first days as a "noob" in Big Bang Empire? Tell us something!
Oh god... Unfortunately yes I do, I would get my backside handed to me in duels, fail missions constantly, some days I would want to smack my head against the screen in total frustration at things, I would say to myself this is stupid I hate this so much, but I would keep coming back.
9. What do you like the most in the game?
REVENGE.....ha ha ha, actually I spend a lot of time calculating missions and rewards, watching and recording duels to see where I need improvement, I write a lot of notes all the time as I slowly become stronger, and there is something really satisfying about when you get your backside kicked being able to retaliate at a later date. (Yes, I can be evil)
10. When you log in to the game, what do you do first?
Actually I first log into the forum and catch up on any news, then in the game I collect my pay for the day, start a film (as obviously it is how I earn my living now), check my mail, start a mission, then go to my studio for any news, and a chat.
11. What are your favourite items?
That is a silly question, SHOES, SHOES and more SHOES.......
13. Is there any special moment in your career as a pornstar you would like to share with us?
Well obviously finally having my career recognised and getting a exclusive interview here, but seriously, I started my career without a studio, working hard to produce films and make a name for myself, then someone from my current studio approached me with a really well written and polite message about joining their studio, I did have offers prior to that but they were like copy and paste messages, and this person wrote to me directly, and with a name like STARSHIP ANDROMEDA, and my love of all things space how could I say no to that, I was soon promoted to a Producer, then studio treasurer, and my proudest moment becoming Minister of War.
14. Do you have an anecdote you'd like to share with us? A fun quote from a co-player perhaps?
One thing we try and do in our studio is greet people in their own language, being from Australia I always get G'Day, we have a girl from the Czech Republic so it is Ahoj, and a American girl, so I always think of the American cowboy movies with Howdy.
15. Is there something you'd specifically like to achieve in the game?
My biggest dream is to make the top 10 in the Big Bang Awards, each week I put in a lot of extra effort to make a special movie for the awards, I fight with my production company not to use one of their silly titles and demand my own, which of course I get my own way with that.
16. In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement so far in Big Bang Empire?
There has been so many great moments in my career so far, but my biggest achievement was when I joined my Studio STARSHIP ANDROMEDA (Slipped in a subliminal studio plug there) we were ranked in the high 90's of the studio rankings, we compiled a strategy together, and worked really hard both physically and mentally, and shoved ourselves into the top 40, but I still think there is greater yet to come.
17. Have you set any particular goals to achieve?
Each week I set myself small goals to achieve, I really prefer not to share them too much, as I do not want to let certain secrets out, but stay tuned and if you watch carefully you might actually guess them.
18. Have you taken part in a convention? What's your best position in which to qualify?
My first convention I threw everything at it, and came in first place, but to be honest the rewards were not that great to the advancement of my career, so even though I still do them, I put little emphasis into them.
19. You are one of the top players in Big Bang Empire. What is the secret of your success? 
Ha ha ha, No I am not (Who writes these questions? lol) Never say the sky is the limit, when there are footprints on the moon.
20. What are your tips for beginners?
Chase skills points, do not worry about levels or experience, they will come naturally, find a studio who you can grow with, and be patient, as you grow many studios will try and poach you away, but there is something to be said for loyalty, the Universe will reward you.
21. Big Bang Empire creates friendships. Have you created any kind of bond with another player? Tell us who, and how.
There are a few players I have created friendships with, mostly within my studio, especially Walli and Eve, sometimes taking a break from our busy filming schedules, so we can chat about our lives together, and the support we all offer each other makes our bonds closer.
22. Is there any player you look up to - that you admire? - If so, who and why?
I made a film for the Big Bang Awards once called STRAPON GIRLS.... WHOS THE BITCH NOW? and a message appeared in my mailbox saying to me "Awesome title", I discovered it came from the highest ranked star on this server ANALIS, I was shocked that she would even notice me so far down in the list, let alone take the time to send me a message, she is one of the most supportive players in the industry, and has helped me many times with questions or advice, and I would not be where I am today if it was not for her.
23. Name up to three players next to the following descriptions:
• Best players (based exclusively on their ability as players, not i.e. their personality);
ANALIS (Who could ever beat her?)
• Opponents you respect the most;
SASHA8 (The constant back and forth with our duels)
• Favourite forum members (if you are a registered forum member);
TARABING (She is so supportive of people in the forum)
24. Is there any message you'd like to send the Big Bang Empire community?
Take the time and message other players, create friendships and bonds.
25. Describe Big Bang Empire in three words.
 Addictive, Sexy, Fun
26. Which boosters do you usually buy? Which do you deem the most important?
I buy all 3 boosters at 50% ranking, no point in doing things by halves, well technically 50% is half but then they do not have 100% boosters available do they?
27. How many diamonds do you buy each month?
Just as many as I need, people will be horrified to hear this, but I sacrifice some of my daily coffees and lunch at work and use those funds, seriously when you can get a package of diamonds for a the same cost as a coffee it helps.
28. Your star is one ranked with top glory. Can you advise us on how you choose your duels?
(Hmmm once again, who seriously comes up with these questions? lol)
I am not that highly ranked, in the 300's at the moment, when it comes to picking duels, I work on three techniques:
1. If it is for tasks or temple points, then I pick easy to win fights
2. Sometimes I just like to bite off more than I can chew.
3. Revenge, I keep track of every duel won or lost, and make sure I can retaliate at a later date many times over.
29. What is your favorite Temple Challenge - and which ones are your least?
I have come to hate the convention based ones, time zones can work so much against people, or people who are time poor in the game, I find throughout the game I get so many items, and when a temple comes up for selling items I excel, I change outfits so many times during my major film shoots, that I would be totally horrified looking the same way too many times, surely there are fans out there who would buy my panties, wouldn't they???
30. What was your best finish in the Big Bang Awards? Do you have any tips for our young aspiring movie-makers out there?
Well still have not had one reach the Top 10 yet, but I am working on it, and believe me the day that happens everyone will know about it, but my advice, choose outfits that suit your movie title, better still, demand to your production company that you use your own title, do not have your face covered with a title, take some pride in your production, as you are doing this for all of your admiring fans out there, and a huge thankies to everyone who ever has voted for me and thank you for this wonderful chance to do a exclusive interview, and I will be staying around to sign autographs for any of my adoring fans.
Thanks for your time, Caitlin! Join us next month for another interview!

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#14146 Convention Temples

Posted by Analis on 10 August 2017 - 05:32 AM

1. Films
3. Conventions
4. Parties
6. Duels
7. Selling Items
9. Films
10. Conventions
11. Parties
12. Films
13. Duels
14. Fight MISSIONS
15. Selling Items
16. Films
17. Duels
19. Parties
20. Selling Items
21. Films
22. Conventions
23. Skill MISSIONS Stamina
24. Silver Coins
25. Exp Points
26. Skill MISSIONS Finesse
27. Silk Sheets
28. Conventions
29. Skill MISSIONS Strength
30. Buying Skill Points
31. Skill MISSIONS Charisma
32. Panda Plushies (Time)
33. Selling Items
34. Skill MISSIONS Strength
36. Exp Points
37. Silk Sheets
38. Conventions
39. Films
40. Buying Skill Points
41. Conventions
42. Silver Coins
43. Parties
44. Duels
45. Conventions


There have been 17 (semi) different Temples now.

7/45 of those have been Conventions: that's a frequency of 15,5%.

So we get one chance out of 6,5 that we get conventions.

Getting a generic Mission Temple is one chance out of 4.

Somehow that doesn't seem right.


Missions are a FAR bigger part of this game.

With Conventions being the most frustrating part of the game, that's not right.

The frequency is off. And nobody is ever waiting for another Convention Temple.


It has nothing to do with skill, team work or even stupid luck.

It hasn't even to do with lucky timing anymore as they are all announced.


So how to fix Convention Temples?

- 30min or 1h Conventions

- special items reserved to that week

- less of them






PS: I'm not saying this as never having won one of these Temples before.

Convention Temples are simply bad for morale, wallets and esprit de corps.

That's not griping. They harm the game as they turn players sour.

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#12563 Garage Interview Analis #22

Posted by Becky Lynch on 10 January 2017 - 04:37 AM

Good day, everyone! My name is Becky Lynch and I’ll be your journalist for the month of January.
Welcome to our Garage Interview. Here we meet some of the most unexpected pornstars in our virtual world. This month, we have the pleasure to talk to Analis.


1. Hi! How are you? Please tell us your username, and the servers you play on.
Tell us - what motivated you to choose the name and server(s) for your star?


Hey. I’m quite fine. I play Analis on UK2. Only her and only there She’s seriously time-consuming, so unless a new server would pop up: that’s it! And the username is a pornified pun on my real name.  And thx for making me Miss January! 



2. How did you start playing Big Bang Empire? Did you hear about the game from your friends, or maybe an advertisement?


I was playing some idiotic flower gem collecting game and saw an ad for BBE.
The graphics and atmosphere pleased me so I played a little over there but jumped to UK2 as it was a user-friendlier server.

3. When did you start to play Big Bang Empire?


On June 14th of 2016, now a little over 6 months ago.

4. Who's your favourite pornstar? (i.e. Clara Morgane, Katsuni, Evan Stone)


I don’t know too many, to be honest. But you have to love Stoya, for being expressive AND literate.


5. Do you remember your first days as a "noob" in Big Bang Empire? Tell us something!


Way too well! My first “days” as a noob took some weeks actually, until I reached like lvl 75. Before that I just kept refining and washing my very very crappy outfits time and time again, in a stubborn assumption that it would make my character better somehow. Which it didn’t of course. To make matters worse, I wasn’t even aware of how the first refinement and washing machine of the day were free, so for days on end I wouldn’t use the free spins, while on other days I would just keep washing and refining over and over again until my saved diamonds were spent.


Everybody is an idiot at times, but I added being stubborn at it. I still AM stubborn but at least sometimes less of an idiot. It was only when I joined the Little Devil Delights studio that I actually started thinking about how to be any good at this game. With good advisors nearby, I gradually started playing my own game, made a tactic on how to “overcome” my late and flawed start and tried not to look back in shame.

6. What are your tips for beginners?


Seek good company, join a studio and have some fun!
And if that studio doesn’t work out for you, don’t waste time there and move on.
Don’t be afraid to ASK for an invitation to a studio. In my time here I’ve been only invited twice.
Strategy-wise: don’t focus too much on gaining level and strength. You’ll end up short.
Try to focus on being as good as your level allows you to be. Don’t rush it. Build slow but steady.
You won’t be able to beat higher lvl missiles, so invest in ways of going around them (charisma, finesse, dueling refinements).
And most of all: THINK about how you want and need to spend your diamonds. That’s key. Plan it out and save some.

7. You are one of the top players in Big Bang Empire. What is the secret of your success?


I take steroids and use the allowance of my filthy rich parents to buy a 50.000 diamond pack 7 times a week.
Apart from that… I only hunt skill points and notes. I don’t bother with exp as I think it’s a waste of effort and time.
Items I usually sell right away - unless they’re +90. The notes for those can be invested in way more permanent base skill points.
In the end I’m all about that base. Not level. The only downside is eventually having to cough up 250.000 notes for a single skill point.
For the rest I just squeeze every drop out of the game: using all available energy, conventions, parties, duels, minigames, collections…

8. Your star is one ranked with top glory. Can you advise us in how to choose our duels?


Be aware of your own build. Test it out. Probe some people. Watch and learn from the fights you give ànd receive.
Focus on the defeats you suffer and try to figure out what could make you get better than the one beating you up.
When you refine, keep a lookout for smelling salts, spanish fly, applied lube, spurring knobs, metal spikes, eau de toilette and plastic balls.
Furthermore, if you are higher in charisma and finesse than your opponent but make about 10 to 15% less total damage: just go for it.
And most important: if possible, attack every time your courage has filled up enough for 1 hit. Don’t wait to be able to make 10 hits in a row.

9. Is there something you'd specifically like to achieve in the game?


My “late” arrival in the game has made me feel like a little bit of an outsider vis-a-vis the happy high few.
No matter how high or far I get in this game, I will always lag and drag behind the big kahunas by half a year.
I used to see that as a weakness, but grew to consider it as a motivation: I want Analis to be less than no-one, apart from level.
In my eyes, the best way to accomplish that, is getting an ever higher ratio in stats-per-level (total stats divided by level).
I am currently at around 135 in total statpoints per level. I would like to get that up to 150.
I may never have the strongest character, but perhaps the one that’s been built best.

10. In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement so far in Big Bang Empire?


I used to think it was getting in the glory top 10 below lvl 200 AND even at a lower level than Zaria (who nailed that first - respect!).
Then I felt it was being able to actually stand my ground in that glory top 10. Then it was getting into the top 5 there. Then the top 2.
I’ve also won 4 or 5 Big Bang Awards and 6 conventions. Of those I’m also quite proud.
What else… The 3 defensive victories I had vs. Emara also made up for the like 300 losses.
But I do think my finest achievement has simply been getting to understand how the game works.
Knowing what you can do to make better conventions, getting party tickets and good Temple ratings…
I think that has been my greatest achievement, as it is something I’ve been able to share with my studio.
And there’s nothing nicer than to be “of use” to friends and fellow freaks.

11. Have you set any particular goals to achieve?


- having completed all the item collections (21 out of 24 so far).
- having ascended the Iron Throne with my dragons within sight #teamtargaryen.
- nailing all 818 currently existing “successes” (478 so far) because I can be a bit of a perfectionist.

12. Name up to three players next to the following descriptions:


• Best players (based exclusively on their ability as players, not i.e. their personality):
- Zed12 for being an excellent mentor who saw the potential in Analis when she was still looking like a crackwhore.
- BeckyLynch for being the first to reach lvl 300 ànd being built like a friggin goddess.
- D2016 for doing what he does with his studio without asking for accolades.
• Opponents you respect the most (sorry but more than 3, I’ve fought with most if not everyone in UK2):
Donatela, JasonXXX, Siobhan69, Gigi71, Zaria, Kurana, pleas3 and Jenna21.
For actually fighting back when I was trying to pass them by. Competition brings out the best in me.
• Favourite forum members (if you are a registered forum member):
- My interviewer for always being kind and TaraBing for using bright colors.
- Gigi71 for always making sense and Lozenges for speaking English no matter the accent.


13. Is there any message you'd like to send the Big Bang Empire community?


Do not care about what anyone else is doing: make and play the game the way you want to.

14. Describe Big Bang Empire in three words.


Fun. Ridiculous. Addictive.
And thx a lot for the interview!




Thanks a lot for your time Analis. I hope you will keep playing and enjoying the game. Best wishes from the team!

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#4939 Mission Success Guide

Posted by FunkBunny on 10 March 2016 - 13:35 PM

Currently there are 10 missions with 4 'difficulties' for each locations in game. It's confusing (think) to figure out which mission is tied to which success. There are 7 locations. So that means... :S there are 70 missions tied to a success out there. Yep! True! It's so fun figuring out all of them...! (silly)
In case you got difficulties figuring out which mission is tied to which success, here's some help! (smug)


This will be sorted by locations... Under location names are the success numbers and success names. (If you want to find something faster, just press CTLR+F and you can easily find which success you're looking for. You can find them either by their number or their title.)
Enjoy! (heart)




27 186 369 606 And it keeps on running, and running, and running

The Mission:

A friend asks you if you can help out on

Saturday dressed as a Bunny at an event.

You’ve waited a long time for this opportunity!




78 217 391 614 Bar Flirt Master

The Mission:

During an unauthorized visit to the bar with

Silver, a catfight is brewing. She thinks that

you want to steal her boyfriend again.




92 231 399 624 Porn Catalog Pro

The Mission:

Your temporary job in the Loophole is rarely

exciting. Today, the local porn cinema gets a

movie catalog of the production company “Evil

Dick”. Rocko tells you to check out the movie

titles for the upcoming week.




93 232 400 625 Appointee Alarm

The Mission:

During your night shift at the checkout of the

strip club you repeatedly encounter weird
guys. This one seems somewhat familiar to




96 235 404 626 Towing Service

The (fight) Mission:

In the hallway you meet a

new neighbor, he is moving
into the ground floor. You
strike up a conversation,
where you realize that he
already would like to see you
in his trophy collection. Are
you up for it?




101 239 406 627 Fun with Flyers

The Mission:

Your boss Hopper asks you to hand out flyers in

the small mall in the city centre: Tomorrow
you’ll be showing the salacious 3D porn film
“In too deep”. Can you distribute 150 flyers to
the people?




102 240 407 628 Shake a leg

The Mission:

You feel like dancin’ - so you make yourself

pretty for a few hot hours in Orlando, the local
nightclub. Let it rip. You deserve it!




111 245 412 630 Promotion is a tiring business

The Mission:

The season festival is coming up - and all the
young people form the vicinity will be meeting
in Tellville once again. Time for you to try out a
fancy flash mob idea at the marketplace. That
will be fun!




115 247 414 631 Online showmaster

The Mission:

Someone is offering a job in the classifieds

section which sounds very appealing: A
webcam show for adults from Los Vengeles.
You are in - show them!




127 256 417 633 Bugging guests

The (fight) Mission:

One of the guests in the

Loophole chats you up
bluntly, while he stares down
your cleavage: Defend
yourself and brush him off.
You deserve better!




Santo Roco

74 215 387 609 Meeting Directors

The Mission:

You get a decent role in a current porn
production. You play a scantily clad bellhop
of a hotel. Show yourself from your best side -
keep a beautiful smile on your lips!




75 216 388 610 Caught!

The (fight) Mission:

Plush at porn: The lighting
technician Joe has nicked
your pink plush handcuffs
from your handbag. You
won’t take that!




89 228 397 623 The Help

The Mission:

You need money and you take a temporary job
in the Wild West Diner. You are supposed to
wait on a round of Texas breeders dressed as a
sexy cowgirl. Now saddle the horses…




109 243 410 629 First-Rate Dump

The (fight) Mission:

A stranger rings at your door:
He is from a big porn
distributor in Los Vengeles
and would like to learn more
about the work of porn
producer Trent. You don’t
trust the guy, and so you get
into a little verbal duel. Don’t let him wrap
you around his finger!




128 257 418 634 Reprimand Porn Star

The (fight) Mission:

Bitches exist in the porn
industry, as well as
elsewhere. Today you have to
deal with the know-it-all
“Jimmy Big”. He is currently
sabotaging a porn shoot.
Trent asks you to solve the
problem and sends you to the set. Don’t be




151 269 431 640 A Friend, a true friend

The (fight) Mission:

With an old friend from
Tellville you want to paint
the clubs in Los Vengeles red.
When you arrive, the bouncer
causes trouble. Show him
that the people in his club
have only been waiting for




153 270 434 641 Closet Inventory

The Mission:

It’s time to check your swimwear collection for
its sexiness. Off you go!




163 277 446 647 Dreams are for Dreamers

The Mission:

At night your fantasy carries you off more
increasingly into the honey-sweet world of
slippery temptations. But you don’t want to
lose these valuable thoughts. Come up with




178 289 457 651 Sports in the Park

The Mission:

Stretching in the morning: Shortly after sunrise
you feel like doing some sports and get ready
to do something for your muscles.




179 290 458 652 Aliens and Cowgirls

The Mission:

Time for some lazy sofa minutes with the DVD
player. Find yourself a nice film and enjoy the




Los Vengeles

124 254 416 632 You shall not pass

The (fight) Mission:

Trouble outside the club! The

bouncer knows neither you,

nor your porn star

accompaniment. You get

angry when the guy gets

rough. You won't take this!




129 258 419 635 Party Animal

The Mission:

Festivals and celebrations are the order of the

day in Los Vengeles: Trent sends you with a

pack of attractive boys in skin-tight suits to

the launch party of his new Italian porn film

“Romance on the Po”. A chance to make more

contacts with those who hold the reins in the

porn industry!




131 260 420 636 Pushy Fans

The (fight) Mission:

Right in the middle of the

shoot a porn fan bursts on

set: Neither the lighting

technician nor the

cameraman or director are

fast enough to slow down the

guy. You might be naked, but

this clearly goes too far!




134 263 423 638 Make Ends Meet

The Mission:

Money is necessity, living in Los Vengeles is
expensive: You talk to Trent, but he currently
has no job for you. Well, then you just have to
find something else. You look through your
phone for a potential employer, after all, you
already know a few people here.


141 266 428 639 Friendship Maintenance

The Mission:

Your day of shooting is coming to an end and
you want to unwind: Just call Hannibal Licker
and ask if he has anything planned this
evening? Always time for a drink.




157 271 437 642 Staying Athletic

The Mission:

Time for some sports to train your calves a bit:

Put on your jogging outfit and do a lap!




175 285 454 649 Porn Brainstorming

The Mission:

It’s once again time to carefully check the
performers in the other porn film. Rent a stack of
movies, and get going!


204 302 466 660 Getting Famous

The Mission:

You’re about to go out with a group of other
porn actresses. Concerning style you don’t
want to be outdone by the others, so pick out
something suitable – otherwise everyone will
only be talking about your competitors




212 309 474 661 Tourist Bunch

The (fight) Mission:

In the midst of in the town
centre a frustrated hooker
bumps into you: In the
collision she loses a few of
her bags and already she
is yelling at you. Do


229 316 493 664 Fan Service

The Mission:


Time to shop: In the small supermarket around
the corner you do your shopping when a fan
approaches you. Speak with him!


Industrial Area

220 313 488 662 The Great Famine

The Mission:


Satisfied actors enjoy taking break at the
small catering stand. Unfortunately, Trent has
no money to have it restocked by a service: Go
and shop something, so that the shoot won’t
be interrupted by growling stomachs.


226 315 492 663 Paper Tiger


The Mission:


In this small warehouse you are the boss! So
you should also finish the paperwork on your
desk. Get going!


241 324 497 665 Great Thoughts
The Mission:
Meanwhile you carry responsibility: For your
crew, the actors - and the films that are
filmed here. Take some time to think about
how you can advance in the porn industry even


244 329 499 666 Like an Elephant

The Mission:

The porn industry in Los Vengeles is huge. You

have to remember many names. Train your





249 335 505 667 Negotiating Talent

The Mission:

Finally you can live it up in Trent’s small
warehouse with your own productions.
But where will the ideas for new porn films
come from? There is a stack of scripts on your
desk. Get to it!


264 341 508 668 Mightier than the Sword
The Mission:
It's time to write your own script. But how? Grab your new tablet
PC and check online how to go about it the best way!


274 352 519 669 Tourist Bunch
The (fight) Mission:
Today you are standing in
front of the camera again -
with Mario, a real gigolo. The
guy is so cocky that you have
to control yourself, not to
fire him immediately! Show
him during the break, who is
the boss here, ok?


278 355 525 671 Staying in Contact
The Mission:


Trent has offered you the use of his warehouse
- but he wants to be kept up to date. Give him
an update on the current production, ok?




283 361 532 672 Good Mood

The Mission:

Time to celebrate: Your next production
“Purple Tentacle” is completed and is off to
the cutting room. Time to do a tour of the bars
with the crew!


303 376 541 674 Flirt Champion
The (fight) Mission:
One of your actors smacks
Your butt after the shoot. In
Front of the assembled crew.
You won’t put up with this!





299 374 540 673 You Never Stop Learning

The Mission:

Every day at the port sailors from all around

the world go ashore there. Gran an exotic

sailor who can introduce you to the secret

sexual practices of his culture.




305 379 543 675 Only the Strong Survive

The (fight) Mission:

Research-time in "The

Cracking Whip": On the rack

you want to test your limits,

so you ask the dominus

Marquis de Sack to torment

you with clothespins until you

say the safe word "bondage





314 393 556 676 Conqueror of the Kuni Lingus

The (fight) Mission:

For his latest porn "The Wet

Lagoon" Trent is looking for a

sailor, but isn't sure if you

can fill the role. During

casting you have to win

against Kuni Lingus to land

the job. Show him where the

Hobgoblin has its curls!




319 401 562 677 S&M Grand Master

The Mission:

Through your work in the S&M shack "The

Cracking Whip" you realize how little yo still

know about sex. Therefore you scheduled for

tonight a theoretical lesson in "BDSM". Lesson

1: Learn terminology.




330 411 564 678 Dollhouse Regular

The Mission:

In the red light district of the port is the oldest

and most famous striptease club of all of Los

Vengeles, the "Dollhouse". Maybe there you

can learn a few new dance moves for your





336 415 566 679 Fish & Shrimp

The Mission:

Especially on weekends, the Port of Los

Vengeles is a real tourist attraction. Trent

knows this and entrust you to promote his films

with a memorable marketing campaign. Think

of something that fits the port atmosphere and

so gain the attention of the crowd!




346 429 570 680 Award-Worthy

The Mission:
You've invested a lot of time researching in
the past few weeks. Why not incorporate the
lessons learned in a few new porn scripts? Be


347 430 571 681 Peter Piper picked a Peck of Pickled Pepper

The (fight) Mission:

On a deserted cove near the

port you try to shoot a

sparkling solo scene. But as

soon as the first moans and

sighs can be heard on site, an

angry fisher is already

running towards you. With

your howling you are scaring away the fish, he

screams. What an outrage. You won't stand for





351 438 574 682 Like a Drowned Rat

The Mission:
Andy from Hero Coke call you: They want to
book you for a charity event in which you and
your female charms will collect money at
the port for a good cause. Sure, you're hooked immediately!


359 450 578 683 Mistress of Pain

The Mission:

Another evening in "The Cracking Whip" is on

and for the first time you may lay hands on a

guest yourself. He introduces himself as Mr.

Smith and he was a naughty boy. You shall

punish him - nothing could be simpler, or?!





362 452 580 684 The Perfect Beach Party

The Mission:

The beach house of Trent is amazing! You want

to celebrate your career success with your

good friend Hannibal Locker and immediately

grab the phone!




363 455 581 685 Promotion of Young

The Mission:

For you next HD porn film you are looking for

youthful untapped young talents that look

good in tight swimwear and sexy two-pieces.

Will you be successful at the public beach?




377 467 585 686 Peeping Forbidden

The (fight) Mission:

You are planning an erotic

calendar and want to use the

magnificent beach backdrop

for it. But you still lack a

fresh face for March. At the

public beach you hope to find

the right one. But already the

first lady takes your offer the wrong way and

turns on you right off.




389 477 588 687 Porn Marathon

The Mission:

A hotel operator is planning a fun porn evening

for his guests and would like you to select the

appropriate films. One of your easiest tasks,





392 485 589 688 Orgasm Champion

The (fight) Mission:

Evil Dick Productions

challenges you to a BangGang

Competition: Who gets more

men to climax in an hour

wins. Show them what you've

learned in the past few





395 491 593 689 Mistress of the Kama Sutra

The Mission:

It's research time once again! You snatch the

film "The 1000 Variations of the Kama Sutra"

as well as your inflatable doll and fathom the

secrets of Indian sex education.




402 495 596 691 Up Close Marketing

The Mission:

Due to many days of shooting you have

somewhat neglected marketing lately. It is

once time for a memorable promo action.

Think of something!




413 503 598 692 Sport is Murder

The Mission:

Porn actors must be fit to cope with the

physical stress of shooting days. Therefore you

arrange for your entire team a long beach run.

So get into your running shoes and off you go!




425 509 602 693 Clash of the Giants

The (fight) Mission:

Just as you want to drum up

business for your new film

"Hot Dunes Prostitutes in

L.V." at the beach, your

competition keeps on cutting

in loudly: A bikini beauty

distributes flyers of Evil Dick

Productions while she keeps on yelling "the

real kick you only get from Evil Dick". Show

that you possess the bigger organ!




427 512 603 694 Money Time

The Mission:

The hard work pays off! Your productions drive

high profits, so Trent gives you a decent

bonus. You should treat yourself to something







Beverly Humps




476 503 598 692 Infiltrator

The Mission:

Evil Dick Productions have a set up a studio in Beverly Humps. Infiltrate the premises of Trent's biggest competitor and find out about the pornos they're shooting there.




478 547 612 696 Dildo Fencing Master

The (fight) Mission:

The SciFi porn flick "Starballs - The Empire goes Bareback" features an epic dildo duel between you an Analkin Skywalker. The battle is open-ended, so give it a stab and end up on top!




479 548 613 697 King of Research

The (skill) Mission:

No other place attracts as many beautiful people

as Beverly Humps. Tone your body, so you will

keep on getting attention!




NOTE!: In the success it shows that this is a strength mission, but in reality it's a stamina skill mission...




480 549 615 698 G-spot Landing

The Mission:

A rich friend of Trent's wants to host a massive party and it's up to you and your team to make this night absolutely unforgettable. Give it everything you've got and deliver the climax to the event.




481 550 616 700 Learn from the best

The Mission:

Italian porn Legend Rocko Lykahurikan has settled down in Beverly Humps and Trent has managed to arange for a meeting. You can learn a lot from him, so seize the opportunity.




482 551 617 699 Gaze into the future

The Mission:

Trent has struck a deal with the manufacturer of virtual reality headset.




483 552 618 701 To Good Friends

The Mission:

Its the weekend and you want to spend your time with your good friend Hannibal Licker.




484 553 619 702 A Happy End Justifies the means

The (fight) Mission:

Beat your competitor Nino Glutton at strip battle.

Trent and Robert E. Ville are hosting a strip battle; the revenue goes into charity. You face off against an old acquaintance in the finale: Nino Glutton. Beat him in a dance off!




486 554 620 703 Hearing-impaired Muff

The (fight) Mission:

You're on a shopping spree when you come across grand porn queen Madam Muff, herself, who is spending her retirement in Beverly Humps. Nervously, you ask for an autograph, but she is completely ignoring you. Don't let her treat you like that!




489 557 621 704 Party Animal

The Mission:

The owner of the "Havana Beach" club has spread word about you. They want you to go all out at the "Buena Milf Star" bar and get the party started. No problem for you, right?




It's finally here! :)

Thanks a lot to a few Striped Pantsu studio members and Allirroz for helping out!

Without you I would've needed A LOT more time to put this together! (lol) (inlove)

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#4299 Patch notes 2016-02-16

Posted by Regnor on 16 February 2016 - 06:56 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2016-02-16):
New Features
• In successes, which are related to a certain mission, it is now shown in which zone the respective mission can be found.
• 2 new storage tabs with 18 slots each are now available. The costs for unlocking them is identical to the costs for unlocking the 3rd storage tab.
• 47 new items have been added to the game.
• New costumization options for faces and head shapes have been added for male stars.
• In the Sex Shop and the dialog of the Sewing Machine, an item preview is now shown for visible items.
• Event films are now visually highlighted in the film offers.


Wanda's Secret Store
• The Sex Shop has been expanded. For players level 25 and above, Wanda's Secret Store is now available.
• Currently, Wanda offers the exclusive Superhero Collection - one set for male, and one set for female stars.


• The voting screen has been adjusted. For better readability, the film title is now displayed below the cover - this only applies to the voting screen. In the Cover costumization the title will still be displayed on the cover. Also, the name of the film creator and their studio are not displayed in the voting screen anymore.


• Sometimes, players were not able to buy the item for the redistribution of skill points in the shop. This issue has been fixed.
• Two items of the past update had their names swapped. This issue has been fixed.

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#16578 How to use Different Outfits

Posted by CaptC on 18 May 2018 - 23:55 PM

Big Bang Empire recently created a very powerful outfit feature.  Let’s go over how it works!




Start the process by clicking here to manage your equipment sets, or outfits.




The screen shows you the current outfit. It is important to understand that the very first outfit is called ‘Equipped Items’ and it controls nothing. It literally consists of what you are wearing, and does nothing else.


DO note that this outfit is what will be automatically used for duels, and there is no way to change that. What you wear is what you duel in. This is a good thing, it means that you can see what a potential duel opponent will actually be using, so you are not ambushed by much better gear when you click on the Attack button.




Click on the second, free outfit. Update the outfit with different equipment to match the desired theme.  In this case, all I am changing is the ring, so I am using a ring with a 30% Porn Star Sticker during studio fights.




Note that I had used the second button to initialize the new outfit, before I changed the ring. CAREFUL!!!!! Using the second button after you have setup the outfit, may very well destroy your work! Use this button at the beginning of setting up a new outfit, and then curse the developers for leaving it in an easily mistaken position if you hit it by accident in the future.




Click on the first button to rename the outfit. Use a short descriptive name. Click on the rename button to save the outfit’s name.




Now make sure you specify when the new outfit is to be used by clicking on the third button. For this outfit, we select the studio fight options for both defense and attack, and save it.
The end result of these settings is that the equipment I am wearing is used everywhere except studio fights. In a studio fight, however, the game will automatically swap in my porn star sticker ring. Note that the equipment I am wearing does not change, the game just uses the appropriate outfit for the specific missions.
You may notice that there are other options available for outfits. You can purchase additional outfits for 389 diamonds each, and set up an outfit for each setting.
A few other points to note:
Clicking the big EQUIP button is likely to make you angry. You will have replaced your dueling outfit with whatever outfit you are looking at. Since there is no 'revert back to the previous outfit", you will have to manually reset your dueling equipment.
If you update a piece of gear in your default outfit, the one you are wearing, you will need to manually update all other appropriate outfits.

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#16277 More Avatar Options

Posted by jasmine45 on 02 April 2018 - 04:02 AM

I think it would be nice to have more than one body type when creating an avatar. Some prefer slim, some like it thicc. It would add more variety to our movie covers too. Give the ladies the option to change the hips, thighs and tummy areas. Let the guys change their torso, legs and arms. Put in a slider bar so we can change the size.
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#15167 The Temple Competition - An Even Playing Field

Posted by Yibbies on 30 November 2017 - 13:03 PM

I have a complaint/criticism here for this weeks Temple of Unfulfilled Desires, concerning the locations of some of these conventions... The very first convention held was located in Beverly Humps area, which is a level 200+ area for players... Quite a few of my studio members could not participate in this convention simply because they're not over level 200, many of which have diamonds to spend.. Honestly don't think this is fair to everyone who participates in these conventions. it's focused more on the 200+ players and should have been considered when this convention plan went into effect...

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#14148 Convention Temples

Posted by Yibbies on 10 August 2017 - 12:58 PM

My favorite part of the Convention temples is finding out who the winner was at the end and punching them in a duel... Win or lose, these are my least favorite temples

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#3981 Abusement Park

Posted by TorpedoThom on 20 January 2016 - 00:21 AM

Ain’t the world full of wonder? Do you ever ask yourself where we’ll be in 50 years? Or do you imagine watching the sun, slowly disappearing in the sea, with a drink in your hand? Or do you want to reach for the stars, trying to understand the big picture of life?


Or maybe... You just want to find true happiness and satisfaction with the one you love the most? Great! Because that’s exactly what we aim to do. We are on a neverending quest, expanding our knowledge of ultimate satisfaction. Our goal is to sent a chill up her spine when she thinks about the aftermath of your candle-light dinner, while he keeps thinking about leaving work early to come home to you.


Would you like to be a fellow scientist of tender love-making? Do you want to expand your horizons and truly see two stars twinkling in someones eyes? Consider joining Abusement Park!


What benefits can we offer to our members?

-          Great stat boosters (27 researchers - 37 Facilities - 43 Popularity - 38 Motivation)

-          A fun environment with a lot of studio talks. Contributing to these is always nice, but not mandatory.

-          Fun comes first! If you can’t level up as much as others, don’t worry. It’s a game after all!

-          Our sympathetic leader CocaSniff, together with her team members who are always there to help you out.

-          Loyalty to and from the group. We protect our own and do everything in our power to punish those who keep attacking you.


What does it take to join our studio?

-          You must be a daily player. We like to rattle the cages of higher ranked studios, so signing up for studio fights is expected.

-          You can apply starting from level 90. We want to be as strong as possible in the ranks.

Did we pique your interest? Then definitely check us out! Applicants can turn towards our leader CocaSniff or myself.


Cheers and enjoy the game!

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#18585 Pet, car, arm, bag and key slots

Posted by Alyzia on 17 February 2019 - 19:20 PM

I love the dressup aspect of this game but it would be nice to have more equipment slots:


Bag slot:

Purses, satchels, wallets, backpacks, luggage, briefcases, etc. Maybe you don't have to see them on your character like rings but it would be neat if these items could go with your shoes. If it could increase your storage even better.


Pet slot:

Having a pet would be great and maybe visible in your character's room. Maybe you could make special store where we can buy pet collars or hats for them. For the people who don't like pets maybe they should stuffed animals or their blow up dolls here  (lol)


Arm slot:

Gloves, watches, sleeves, cufflinks, bracelets, various restraints... (handcuffs should belong here (angel) )



Not visible on your character but maybe displayable in your garage.



Hopefully there are some future plans to showcase more rooms in a character's home.

The ability to upgrade your home should be based on level and money/ diamonds could be used to purchase additional rooms.


Everyone should start out with a studio bachelor suite and work your way: to an apartment, condo, cottage, bungalow, house, mansion.


Different types of rooms:bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, garage, rec room, basement <dungeon haha>, etc would became available as your character progressed). The furnishings could be based on the type of room and the more higher end pieces only available to certain types of housing.


Thanks for considering any of these ideas.




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#18407 Holiday Greetings

Posted by dparadise on 23 December 2018 - 19:22 PM




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#17341 Bragging Rights

Posted by Shannon2 on 31 August 2018 - 13:24 PM

Thanks Ivy for the video.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work.

Finally thanks to Bros and Hoes for pushing us so hard and making this so special.
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