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Patch notes 2018-11-20

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Posted 20 November 2018 - 06:59 AM

The following changes were deployed today (2018-11-20):
New Features
• From now on, there is also a ranking list for individual performance in temple competitions! The ranking list can be found under "Solo Temple".
• In addition to the solo temple ranking list, matching successes have been added.
• The marriage feature has been slightly adjusted. You can now also marry players you are already married to. If you renew your vows, both parties will each receive a new ring.
• The texts for the divorce feature have been adjusted slightly. The texts now clarify that marriages are only divorced from the party that filed the divorce and that the ex can continue to use the title.
• The friends list has been extended by one friend.
• If deco boxes are purchased in a pack of 10, at least one epic and one rare deco box are now included. In addition, the rare deco boxes have been slightly adjusted so that they are easier to distinguish from common boxes. This has already been fixed with a hotfix.
• The tooltips for movie offers now show if an item has not yet been collected.


New items for future events and specials have been added:
• We've added 10 new items, as well as 75 new color variations for items for female characters, which can be obtained during special events.
• We've added 10 new items, as well as 75 new color variations for items for male characters, which can be obtained during special events.
• We have added 31 new decorations, which can be obtained during special events.


• If you attended a convention for a temple task, the temple points were not distributed until the completion dialog was confirmed. This has been fixed.
• You could not buy more than 7 outfits because the scroll arrows were not displayed. This has been fixed.
• No items could be dragged into the storage tabs 16-21. This has been fixed.
• While on a mission, the animation of the career background restarted every second. This has been fixed.


International Server
• Filtering by language in the ranking lists did not work as intended. This has been fixed.


• The game is no longer paused when it is out of focus.

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