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Please fix the washing machine (combination results arent that great)

washing machine redistribute attributes items points

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Posted 17 July 2017 - 06:07 AM

ve spent a fortune washingg my clothes trying to get combinations and it seems like a disadvantage. the expensive attribute (in notes) gets taken from (Minus points) and given to the cheap attribute, its not a fair trade.

Please lower the amount swapped on + (green) items instead of drainning 128 PTS from charisma on an item that is a Plus 11 , how about you onlu negative 50 points from an attribute ????



fix my washing machine anyway LoL or buy me a whirlpool, this one rattles :)





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Posted 17 July 2017 - 12:01 PM

The washing machine is frustrating, horrible, guaranteed to piss you off just before the big fight. It also is a great tool for manipulating your skills curve.


Personally, I don't think it's broken. But I see people make avoidable mistakes all the time when washing gear.


I have given these suggestions elsewhere, but to briefly recap:


- I only wash items I am wearing.

- If I get a new item with a +skills and a comparable refine to what I am wearing, I put it on.  I don't give a flying fig about WHERE the skill attributes are on the new item. No skill is bad, get the most, as long as you are not compromising your combat refines.

- After equipping a new item, examine your skill curve to see if it is out of whack.

- If your skill curve is not to your liking, determine where you have TOO MANY skills.  (I have TOO MUCH STRENGTH, not I have TOO LITTLE CHARISMA.)

- Find a piece which has a very large number of it's skills where you have too many.

- Wash that piece. (This piece is often not the same piece you just equipped!)


The washing machine randomizes, which means that on balance, big skill numbers get smaller, and smaller numbers get bigger.

By finding a piece which has a big number of what you want to reduce, you most likely get fewer of that skill.

This improves your skill profile about 75% of the time, in my experience.


I rarely have to wash more than a couple of times in a row to get a skills profile I am happy with.


Biggest mistakes I see people make:


- Fix your overall skills curve, not specific items.

- Don't wash items in your inventory, trying to get a specific set of skills on that piece to match what you are already wearing. Quite low odds of getting it. Plus, the additional skills sitting in your inventory are not doing what they should be doing, which is helping defeat your opponents. if the item is good enough to wear, simply wear it!

- Don't go perfectionist. Skill curves generally have a pretty wide range of numbers that should be 'close enough'. Especially true since your skills curve is going to change pretty soon, anyway, as soon as you get a sweet refine on that +126 belt you just found...

- Finally, realize that having a skills curve that is out of whack for a day or two is not the end of the world. If you don't want to spend diamonds on multiple washes, it shouldn't take very long to fix your skills profile anyway.

Best regards,

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