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Garage Interview CaptChrissy #27

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Posted 09 July 2017 - 11:07 AM

Hello... my name is Tara Bing and I’ll be your Garage Interview journalist this month.



August 2017 Journalist



Welcome to the Garage Interview where we meet some of the most unexpected pornstars in our virtual world. This month, we interview CaptChrissy.

1. Hi! How are you? Please tell us your username, and the servers you play on. Tell us - what motivated you to choose the name and server(s) for your star?
I am CaptC on nu1.bigbangempire.com, and CaptChrissy on uk1.bigbangempire
I have been using CaptC as an online moniker since the early 80s, after a superhero I played in a Champions role playing game. Captain Cannonball could fly superfast, and could blast through just about anything -- just like a cannonball.  But he had one fatal flaw: once he launched into the air, he couldn’t change direction. When the villains learned how to sidestep, Captain Cannonball tended to leave large holes in buildings instead of stopping the bad guys...
CaptChrissy started as a spy account, to see what was what on UK1, because I knew Cheyenne's avatar on NU1. (More on that later.) I wanted to try a female avatar (yes, it's true, girls have a much easier time getting good movie ratings.) I was hiding in plain view, so to speak...  I told Cheyenne that I was playing on UK1, and her searches for 'CaptC' would bring up CaptChrissy, but she never guessed I had 'gone girl' until I told her.
2. Tell us about yourself. How was your life before becoming a pornstar?
I have done a little of everything, from paper routes to short order cook to programmer to technical management to dot bomb entrepreneur.  I chucked all that over, and now, I own a small retail store. ...and make movies on the side, of course.
3. Any hobby outside of the film-industry you would want to tell us about?
I paint miniatures, read a lot, plot world domination. You know, the usual stuff.
4. Who's your favourite pornstar? (i.e. Clara Morgane, Katsuni, Evan Stone)
Candie Evans
5. How did you start playing Big Bang Empire? Did you hear about the game from your friends, or maybe an advertisement?
Picked it up as another game on Nutaku.com.
6. When did you start to play Big Bang Empire?
Don’t remember exactly. Late January or early February, 2016.
7. Do you remember the day you started playing Big Bang Empire?
Not exactly, no.  I do remember hoping the game would hold my interest for a while… and was initially discouraged that it was more tease than hardcore.
8. Do you remember your first days as a "noob" in Big Bang Empire? Tell us something!
I remember thinking pretty early on that the game played differently than most MMO, build your avatar games. Experience was the obvious path, but it didn’t seem to do anything per se. ...then I figured out where the controls were for buying skills.  
9. What do you like the most in the game?
The people. Hey, ladies.   :)
10. When you log in the game, what do you do first?
Head to the chat room, read what has been posted in my absence, say hello and then start a mission, a movie and dueling, in that order.
11. What are your favourite items?
Gold bordered epic ammo.
12. What is it like being a leader of one of the best studios in the entire server? Is it an easy task? 
I am boss of Busty Spiderbabes on NU1, #2 studio. And recently became boss of Abusement Park on UK1, #3 studio. We are activity based studios, and fairly serious game players. Over and above the tasks of keeping my avatars growing, I keep track of statistics for both studios, write a weekly report, and just try to keep in touch with the members via chat. And of course, keep up with the server gossip and recruit continually.
A boss’s primary duty is to keep the group together. To that end, keep your culture alive and seek out players who help keep chat active and fun and light.
13. Is there any special moment in your career as a pornstar you would like to share with us?
I did not form Busty Spiderbabes. I was invited to join by the original boss, so I tossed in a 10K notes “thanks for inviting me” gift, and was immediately promoted as the only producer. I updated the studio description a day later, and asked the boss what he thought.  He said he liked it, and never logged in again.  I tried to keep the place running on producer privs… not very easy. Three weeks later, the studio voted me in as boss. That initial vote of confidence is right up there with the moment about 7 months later when Busty Spiderbabes briefly became the top rated studio on the server.
14. Do you have an anecdote you'd like to share with us? A fun quote from a co-player perhaps?
Shortly after becoming boss of Busty Spiderbabes, a level 7 player applied to join us. I told her level 7 was too low to prove anything, asked her to get back to me when she was level 15 so I could see if she was growing quickly or not.  She replied, “Fair enough, see you tomorrow!”  I liked the attitude, sent her a few tips on what I liked to see in applicants.  I got back a fairly snooty reply, “Oh, I know how to play this game, I am going to teach YOU.”  And that is how I met Cheyenne, boss of Abusement Park on UK1, and the mentor who taught me all about how to succeed at this game.
15. Is there something you'd specifically like to achieve in the game?
Get back to the #1 studio ranking.
16. In your opinion, what is your greatest achievement so far in Big Bang Empire?
Six months after being a zombie studio with a noobie boss, 12 members and only 6 active, Busty Spiderbabes took #1. We fell behind a little since then, but are still holding steady in #2. (Don’t rest on your laurels, GAO.)
17. Have you set any particular goals to achieve?
Keep our team of friendly, dedicated, hard-working players together, so we can keep achieving at a high level while having a ton of fun.
18. Have you taken part in a convention? What's your best position in which to qualify?
I am not a big fan of conventions. ROI (ed.note: ROI is short for 'Return On Investment') is usually quite low.  Despite that, I have posted a guide to how to play them in the forums. I have won a few conventions. I pick my spots carefully, and win low attendance conventions that don’t require me to be a trust fund baby.
19. You are one of the top players in Big Bang Empire. What is the secret of your success?
Daily play sessions, and an utter concentration on adding skills. Levels are for bragging, it’s skills that kill.
20. What are your tips for beginners?
  • Get in a good studio with veteran players who can help you learn the non intuitive stuff. (Hint: Check the studios that regularly do well in Temple.)
  • Log in daily, do at least a little each time you do.
  • Focus on skills and the notes that buy them
  • Do all your movies.
  • Duel at every chance, the new epics make this activity quite cost effective.
  • Burn at least your initial load of energy every day.
  • TALK! You will enjoy the game and your studio-mates much better if you are engaged with them.
21. Big Bang Empire creates friendships. Have you created any kind of bond with another player? Tell us who, and how.
I have made a lot of good friends in BBE. There are too many to name them all, I would leave someone out. But I have formed close friendships outside the game, with Cheyenne (who helped me build Busty Spiderbabes as Minx), Dotje (my former boss in Abusement Park, a producer with me on NU1), Red18 (NU1) and Shimmer (UK1). All four are just super friendly, and when we started talking we just seemed to click.
22. Is there any player you look up to - that you admire? - If so, who and why?
HoosierDaddy from NU1. He was boss of a studio that was starting to fall apart, with the competitive players threatening to drift away.  Unlike most bosses in that situation, he didn’t freeze, clinging to being boss instead of doing the right thing for his studiomates. HoosierDaddy contacted me to put together a merger.  He gave up being boss to bring his competitive players into Busty Spiderbabes, which catapulted us from mid-range level 20ish studio into the top 5. Many players from that merger are still with us, and in fact several have made avatars on UK1, strengthening Abusement Park as well.
I don’t think I would have the courage to do what HoosierDaddy did. Giving up being boss is hard.
23. Name up to three players next to the following descriptions:
• Best players (based exclusively on their ability as players, not i.e. their personality);
Red18 (NU1), Quizno (UK1)
They build their characters the right way, with dedication and a deep understanding of the game, as evidenced by their superior statistics. Nice people, too.
• Opponents you respect the most;
Dueling is very secondary to me.  It’s all about the studio fights. So the opponents I respect are studios, and the leadership teams that keep them together.  So far, only Godly Anal Orgasms (NU1), Hardcore (UK1), and Striped Pantsu (UK1) are ahead of my studios.
• Favourite forum members (if you are a registered forum member);
Mimesis, Kitekat, TaraBing, Sadie2
24. Is there any message you'd like to send the Big Bang Empire community?
Hey, Ladies!   (lol)
25. Describe Big Bang Empire in three words.
Fun, Sexy, Deep
26. Which boosters do you usually buy? Which do you deem the most important?
In order of decreasing importance: Mission booster to 50%, Skill booster to 50%, Work booster to 25%. Work booster just doesn’t have the payback.
27. How many diamonds do you buy each month?
I don’t buy monthly. I wait for a sale, buy two of the big packages, stretch them out for a while. So far, I am generally buying 25K diamonds every six months or so.
28. Your star is ranked in the top 20 for personal glory. Can you advise us on how you choose your duels?
Personal glory is over-rated. It doesn’t actually measure fighting effectiveness… it more measures the player’s desire to win personal glory.  Glory is a by-product of dueling for me, not the reason to duel. With the new epics, dueling is an effective way to generate spare cash for purchasing skills. And occasionally some of the new epics turn out to be wearable.
So, to win at duels, I look for a positive advantage in charisma and finesse, and roughly comparable or better refinements levels. The best opponent is the one who neglects their refinements, who has more skills than you overall, but is in a strength and stamina build, and who currently has more glory. You get a fairly easy win because of their build, extra chances for prizes because they have more skills than you, and you gain the most glory by beating folks ahead of you.
29. What is your favorite Temple?
I like most. Both of my studios do very well, winning almost all Temples that can't be bought, and many that can be. My favorite is probably moviemaking. Moviemaking rewards good play, rather than distracting from it, and it will reward effort, not spending cash. ...But best, we are playing a game about being a porn studio, so making movies is right on theme.
30. What was your best finish in the Big Bang Awards? Any movie making tips?
I have had a few top 10 finishes, but haven’t hit #1 yet.
Tips? Your primary target audience is men. Be female, show your body, and on NU1, pick nude costars in explicit positions. But if your avatar is male, keep your schlong covered for best results
Well, that wraps up another monthly Garage Interview.  Thanks for reading.  Tune in next month, when we delve into the curious mind of our next virtual pornstar.   I'm your journalist, Tara Bing.      (flower)
-edited by TaraBing July 9. 2017
-edited by CaptC July 24, 2017

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Posted 23 August 2017 - 01:08 AM

Aww ^^ love you, buddy! <3 tnx for the kind words :*(p*Pp* etc.) lol

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Posted 13 March 2019 - 23:12 PM

I joined the Big Bang Empire online community in February or March of 2016. I started as a confused newb on NU1, mostly looking for some chuckles and cartoon boobs.


It was a struggle back then. Knowledge of the game’s mechanics was carefully guarded lore in a few high level studios. After I became a studio boss by accident, I became a student of the game. My studiomates and I researched, we experimented, we learned. I have tried to give that back. I am immensely proud of the FAQ we have created, even though it is not yet complete.


This is a theme for me. The game has never been about my personal accomplishments. I was never a threat to be top player on any server. I preferred to nurture group accomplishments, working with dedicated players to foster strong competitive studios. I think I have succeeded. Busty Spiderbabes on NU1 and Abusement Park on UK1 have each been #1 for over a year. Fuckingham Palace on INT1 has been a consistent #2. The reality is, my studiomates did it all. I just hope I contributed a little.


But the time demands are extravagant. Three top level, competitive studios… Forum moderation… And now I am taking on other responsibilities as well.


Most importantly, my personal life is changing. I met a player known as Baby over two years ago. What started as a casual online acquaintance has turned into a real life romance. I plan to join my life to hers in the near future. Playing BBE together has been a way to bridge the miles, and soon in a couple of months we will start a new chapter in Texas together. We both are looking forward to when we do not need to carry on our relationship in a chat.


So I face a stark choice. There is not enough time to do everything.


I choose to continue my contributions to the community as a moderator. I am bringing my playing days to a close. Baby also chooses to join me in retiring from the game.


Over the next couple of days, I will hand over my boss and producer duties. Baby and I will both say goodbye to our many friends. We will donate our remaining diamonds and notes to our studios, and then we will delete our avatars on St. Patrick’s Day.


We will miss you all. Please raise a glass of green beer to Baby and Cap, if you happen to think of us. We hope you will be smiling.





As one door closes, another opens.



On Galveston Beach, Dec 2018

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Retired from the game.  Not from life. 

In love with my Baby.

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Posted 13 March 2019 - 23:19 PM

You said it perfectly old man. (inlove) That last picture is us in Galveston Texas this past Dec.

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They call me "Baby"  (heart)  

Married to the love of my life

CaptChrissy in UK1

CaptC in INT1

  (kiss)  (drinks)

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Posted 14 March 2019 - 13:57 PM

Aaawww, I will miss you both  :(

But all the best to you both 

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UK1 - Jason777

UK2 - JasonXXX

NU1 - JV676767

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Posted 14 March 2019 - 15:11 PM

Congratulations on your new life together. I wish you two all the best.

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