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"Summer Job"

Summerjob forumgame prizes summer

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#1 dparadise


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Posted 05 June 2019 - 18:55 PM



Dear Stars: Summer is here, and you need a way to make some pocket money. Great news! The Big Bang Empire is hiring sexy people for this hot summer. Interested in joining our great company?


Here is a list of our job offers! Please write a short cover applying for one of the jobs, and tell us why you’ll be a great asset to our company.


Job List


Recruiter for New Stars We need new faces to keep our movies fresh! Applicants must be able to spend time in Los Vengeles or its infamous suburb of Santa Roco to look for sexy new people to create hot movies.


Window cleaner in Tellville The windows of our extraordinary headquarters need to be cleaned! You can't make hot movies if the view is dirty! Clothing optional!


Vending Machine Filler on the Beach Do you know your way around a beach? Can you haul a lot of soda without making them explode from too much shaking? If you are accustomed to hot situations, then this is your chance.


Customer service representative to the Stars, in the Port Perform various tasks at our hotel in the Port, such as cleaning up the seafront dressed only with your fragrance, keeping an eye on buffet and towels, and bringing sunscreen to our guests, A great perk of this position: ogling the stars is encouraged!




•You only need to participate once to win the prize.

•You must choose one of the jobs. Then, you must write a short letter in order to take the job.

•Your letter should be between 150-300 words.

•The Event will run for 5 days ;)



Job: Los Vengeles recruiter


Dear Michel, I discovered with great joy that I am a perfect fit for your Los Vengeles recruiter position. I live very near in Santa Roco, and I already know the type of people you are after. Since you started that yoyo-giveaway campaign, a lot of suitable applicants now hang out in my suburb. I also know very well the area, as my favorite pawn shop is there.

I’m good at motivating people, as a lot of people from the ranking list can attest.

Hoping you will choose me!


Correia, Server: UK1



•Each user can participate only once.

•Do not use multi-accounts, you will be disqualified from the Event.

•Each person can only get 1 prize, in 1 account and only in 1 server.

•Do not use illegal words, you will be disqualified.

•Copying a previous player’s letter is forbidden. You will be disqualified for plagiarism without warning by the moderator team. For this reason, editing is forbidden. Please check your work before posting.

• You can only get 1 reward in the entire Event (one reward per user, only).

• There are market/server restrictions, example: if you participate in UK forum Event, you can only receive a reward on UK servers.

•Once submitted, you cannot edit your posts. Edited answers will be disqualified.

• If there is an error in the spelling of your account name or server, use the “Report” button on your post to get the attention of a moderator. Explain what needs to be changed! A moderator will then review your request and fix the mistake.



•All the participants will receive 7 days of 50% Skill Booster.


The timeline

•This Event will take place between the 15th of June and 19th of June

•Event prizes will be delivered until the 30 of June.







#2 Delta Foxz

Delta Foxz


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Posted Yesterday, 06:48 AM

Job: Window cleaner in Tellville


Dear Management, 


I am here to to Scrub, Shine & Sparkle your windows. I do not hesitate to get down & dirty in all the right corner and all the high places. Be assured where there is a dull looking window, u have me to foam, bubble and steam them windows. I come with my very own sexy short cleaner outfit & supplies. No worry just hurry and let me in. I will leave u Dazzled, & looking all Shimmy. If u want the best u got to hire the best. 


Looking forward to shine my way through!!


FOXZ, Server : UK2

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Posted Yesterday, 08:18 AM

Job: Window cleaner in Tellville


Dear Management,


I am sorry to hear about the previous employee and other applicants having met with horrific brake trouble. That being said, you do have a lovely office. I would hate for some horrible accident to happen upon them. Fortunately for you I am available to serve as, lets say, a sexy window protection agent. I will arrange "volunteers" from within your organization to lick my boots and your windows clean once a week.


Payment will be due on the 1st. 


l3obbi, Server : UK2

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Posted Yesterday, 12:55 PM

Job: Customer Service Representative to the Stars in the Port


Dear Management,


I am applying for the job of Customer Service Representative to the Stars in the Port area. I currently reside there and frequent the local pub and already have heard multiple complaints about your "new" Window Cleaner. Odd that they all seem to be arriving here at the port and looking like they have been drugged, dragged, and generally abused. I believe myself to be a fair and intelligent woman, not to mention hot, sweet, and sexy, and perfect for the job of soothing all the angry heads ... and other parts as well. I look forward to "working" with you as well.


Yoruichi, Server: UK2

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Posted Yesterday, 14:01 PM

Job: Recruiter for New Stars


Dear Management,


It has come to my attention that you are in need of a star recruiter for the LV and Santa Roco areas. Well, look no more because I am ready and prepared to bring my recruitment and schmoozing skills to your fine corporation! Known for my Southern charm and relentlessness, I am able to sweet talk and finagle any young hot thing into putting their "assets" to work in your films! My reputation as a go-getter and body handler is well-known in this area; therefore, my services do not come cheap. Be assured, however, that your money will be well-spent in bringing me to your team! I have a keen eye in finding the perfect star to match any fetish film that your perverted minds can think of, and your box office sales will thank you.


Kindest regards,


Savannah, Server: UK2

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wife of Asstomic  (smug)

#6 Alexander



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Posted Yesterday, 14:51 PM

Job: Customer service representative to the Stars, in the Port


Dear Management

I'm the good looking, hard working girl you're looking for and I would love to work for your company this summer. I'm naturally kind and outgoing and I'm not too fond of wearing too much clothing. I usually only wear a garterbelt when I'm working, but I will probably be more comfortable in my microkini when cleaning the seafront.

I'm a quick learner and have a great deal of experience in the service sector as all of my previous jobs has been to service people in one way or another. I'm even experienced in cleaning up after customers: changing sheets, towels, underwear ect.

I will treat all the stars and guests luxuriously and make their stay as clean, smooth and pleasant as possible - and perhaps give them a treat too.

I'm just the kind of girl you're looking for.


Alexandra, Server: UK2

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#7 Botwood1963



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Posted Yesterday, 15:57 PM

job window cleaner : 


First a little sucking up , I do love this game all the people , friends I've gained and lost . So I am use to cleaning windows, where I'm from we are constantly bombarded with rain and wind so the windows are constantly dirty, I'm a little short so I can only clean the bottom windows , but I would be willing to do the semi naked because I think that's more sexy , and getting wet with all that soap and water will get the guy worker a bit excited . So I hope you will pick me as you r newest employee , I can even do other cleaning if you so desire , floors ,wall etc. Or anything else you may think of. I Know I am the right girl for this job , minimum wage is very acceptable.   Yours sincerely the best window cleaner around this game and server . 


ps . Hi Cap and Baby , How's the love affair 


Btw : Lay off the Con Temples please 



Abusement Park 

Server :UK1

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#8 Diana69



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Posted Yesterday, 19:52 PM

Job: Recruiter New Stars 


I have an eye for recognizing potential new stars, let's say that my sixth sense tells me when they have the talent, and I could do some oral and physical tests to make sure they meet the demands of the job. also being that my current location is Los Vengeles.



Abusement Park

Server: UK1

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Posted Today, 00:44 AM

Job application for Vending Machine Filler on the Beach
To whom it may concern,
Please be advised that The Girl from Ipanema has arrived and all your beach problems are resolved.
I'm tall, tan, young and lovely,
When I pass, each one goes "aaah"
When I walk I'm like samba
I swing so cool and gentle
All go "aaaah"
The beach is my natural environment and more than just refill your vending machine I'll wear my skimpy Brazilian bikini and then you will have to bring in more supplies as all your stock will sell out quickly.
And you would give your heart gladly!
Phloo, Server: UK2

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#10 Andrea6969


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Posted Today, 02:21 AM

Job: Customer service representative to the Stars, in the Port

Dear Management,

I see you are looking for a general servant. Look no further, because I am the multi-talent you need.
Your seafront will shine more than the sun, enchanted with my scent.
I’m a big believer in creating enjoyable experiences for every guest and I leave nothing to be desired of them.
Needless to say I'll ensure that the towels will always be available. I know very well how important towels are.
Your buffet is replenished on time because I chase up the cook with my whip if he's late.
As a sunscreen expert, I'll gladly demonstrate your guests how to use it properly.
If your stars are worn out, I'll even fill in for them.

Looking forward to work under you, err for you.

Andrea6969, Server : UK2

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Posted Today, 08:43 AM

Job: Customer Service Representative to the Stars, in the Port


Dear Management,


I am hereby putting forward my application as a customer service representative to the Stars in the Port. As an experienced employee within this industry, I understand that you will need someone discreet yet “hands on” willing to serve any requests the Stars may have. Well look no further, as you have found your perfect match! I am a hardworking individual ready to get down and dirty wearing nothing but a pair of stilettos. My aim is to serve and ensure the happiness of the Stars are kept at its peak. Also, I have a long list of skills in my repertoire that is relevant to this position such as a dazzling smile, a banging body, and my very own personal method of cajoling sullen personalities with a 100% success rate so you no longer have to worry about nasty reviews from the Stars.


I look forward to hearing back from you.


Beverly, Server: UK2

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#12 wuthy1



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Posted Today, 09:27 AM

Job:  Vending Machine Filler on the Beach


Dear Management,


I am very interested in your vending machine filler position. My years of experience keeping 12oz liquids cold and stocked throughout my college career will be a huge asset to your team.  I have also learned many ways of applying sun tan lotion to keep the body safe yet with just the right amount of slipperiness and shine.   Between my hustle and my thong bikini, I'll have your sales reaching new highs throughout the summer.   Please accept my application and I look forward to working for your fine company.


Pinkie, Server UK1

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